Line/Extended: Material doodles and drawing through space

In Line/Extended, artists including Rosana Antolí, Lucy Brown, George Eksts, Jane Grisewood, and Andrea V. Wright explore the potential for the two-dimensional, drawn line to be embodied in three-dimensional space. Drawing, for Lucy Brown, is primarily “a tool to map or plan a space”, and here, that mapping is extended across all three axes, into three-dimensional space. Up and … More Line/Extended: Material doodles and drawing through space

Colour Snap

Despite the exhibition’s title, Colour Snap is not all about colour. Works from artists Rhys Coren, Jacob Dahlgren, Anna Mac, Anna Ray, and Liz West have been brought together with the aim of “exploring the ways in which colour shapes our world”. They have in common vibrant and diverse colour palettes that brighten the gallery … More Colour Snap

Käthe Buchler: Women’s Work

For German photographer Käthe Buchler (1876-1930) World War One granted access to a new social landscape. The photographs exhibited in Beyond the Battlefields depict life away from the front line, and in particular, the women and children who maintained Germany’s economic and social foundations in the absence of their fathers, brothers, and husbands. Many of … More Käthe Buchler: Women’s Work

Fear Framing

Accompanying the Slow Violence exhibition, visitors to the gallery have been asked to write definitions of climate change onto a post-it note, and to share their definition on the wall. Visitors notes reflect a range of emotional responses to climate change, from anger to skepticism, and perhaps most fittingly, fear. Authors of the post-it notes express fear that climate change will “kill us … More Fear Framing

Slow Violence: Bringing climate change closer to home

Violence is customarily conceived as an event or action that is immediate in time, explosive and spectacular in space, and as erupting into instant sensational visibility. We need, I believe, to engage a different kind of violence, a violence that is neither spectacular nor instantaneous, but rather incremental and accretive, its calamitous repercussions playing out … More Slow Violence: Bringing climate change closer to home

Upswing: Aerial collaborations

Compassion, bravery, and “difficult choices” were the subject of a recent event in the UH Gallery. The Dr Theo Gilbert and UHArts hosted aerial theatre group Upswing as they explored the “choreography of compassion” through improvised gestures and actions. At the end of the week, having learned from their earlier explorations, the performers responded to … More Upswing: Aerial collaborations

Janette Parris: Hatfield Conversations

Janette Parris’s Hatfield Conversations presents a series of conversations with the people of Hatfield, gathered and rewritten by Parris and voiced by actors for the short animation that is currently playing on a large screen in the Art & Design Gallery. Parris has travelled around Hatfield to speak to its residents about their experiences of … More Janette Parris: Hatfield Conversations