Lyndall Phelps: Museology

In 1880, St. Albans public library held a Conversazione, an exhibition of curiosities that  became the predecessor to St. Albans museum. With the museum now closed for renovation, artist Lyndall Phelps has joined with its conservators to revive some of the original collection at locations around Hertfordshire, as part of a pop-up museum that also features … More Lyndall Phelps: Museology

Katy Gillam-Hull: Useful and Useless Objects

Katy Gillam-Hull’s recent pop-up installation, which spanned the transition between the old and new St. Albans museum, sought to respond to craftsmen’s tools held in the museum’s Salaman collection. Gillam-Hull was invited to select tools from the collection of 3,000 tools, sold to the museum by Raphael Salaman and kept on permanent display until 2010, when they were … More Katy Gillam-Hull: Useful and Useless Objects

In and Out of Sight: Fortuitous Accidents

In their closing discussion, the artists represented in the In and Out of Sight exhibition shared their thoughts with Lizzie Lloyd, whose essay is printed in the exhibition catalogue. During the discussion, the group considered the importance of performance in their work, and how the title of the exhibition reflects the theme of making the … More In and Out of Sight: Fortuitous Accidents

Harriet Riddell: Stitching Hatfield

Visitors to the university this week might have encountered the strange sight of artist Harriet Riddell sewing tapestries on her bicycle-powered sewing machine. Riddell has been commissioned to spend 6 days at the University of Hertfordshire and around Hatfield town, stitching a snapshot of the university and its life. She has observed visitors, residents, staff, … More Harriet Riddell: Stitching Hatfield

In Conversation with Catherine Bertola and Rachel Rich

At a recent panel discussion, Catherine Bertola was joined in discussion by Rachel Rich, senior lecturer in history at Leeds Becket University. Bertola and Rich are currently benefitting from a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residency award that has enabled them to share ideas related to the domestic interior. The panel discussion was an opportunity to … More In Conversation with Catherine Bertola and Rachel Rich

Cath Campbell and Jennifer Douglas: Mark-making and the human touch

Inside Cath Campbell’s tar paper shack, gallery visitors will find marks left by the artist. Some beams are labelled with names and numbers, as instructions on where to locate them during the construction of the frame, others have been scribbled upon by the artist while making calculations about the materials and their placement. These marks … More Cath Campbell and Jennifer Douglas: Mark-making and the human touch

Jo Coupe: Blending In

Taking gallery walls as one of her subjects, Jo Coupe has contributed to In and Out of Sight by blending in. Her work is, in some ways, indistinguishable from its surroundings, just visible (or audible) enough to provoke some uncertainty about where the gallery ends and the artwork begins. In common with Elizabeth Murton’s installation, Between … More Jo Coupe: Blending In

In and Out of Sight

The latest set of installations in the Gallery brings together the work of four artists: Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Jo Coupe, and Jennifer Douglas. Near the gallery entrance, walls are lined with Douglas’ large canvases of distressed canvases coated with hues of grey floor paint upon which varying marks have been made. In the alcove opposite, Coupe’s sound installation fills the upper … More In and Out of Sight