Elizabeth Murton: Exhibition experiences

Participants in Saturday’s symposium were invited to experience activities to extend their appreciation of the themes that underlie Elizabeth Murton’s installation. Presentations on anatomy, meditation and architecture enabled visitors to develop a deeper appreciation of Murton’s work, and prompted them to look more closely at the installation and the space that it occupies. Armed with new knowledge, these … More Elizabeth Murton: Exhibition experiences

Elizabeth Murton: The Instalation

Elizabeth Murton’s installation, Between Materials and Mechanisms, is now fully installed in the gallery on College Lane. Fibres criss-cross the gallery, tracing a path around pillars, and connecting the floor, wall and ceiling as if the architecture of the building is held together by the tension of the threads. Red, “Hairy yarn” plays the role of muscles, … More Elizabeth Murton: The Instalation

Textiles and tensegrity

Elizabeth Murton has joined UHArts for a summer residency, culminating in a symposium and exhibition on 1st October. During her residency, Elizabeth will be investigating the similarities between textiles and the fibres that hold the human body together. Elizabeth has been inspired by the discovery that the body is not made of separate parts, neatly divided … More Textiles and tensegrity

New Artist in Residence, Elizabeth Murton

UH Galleries are delighted to announce Elizabeth Murton as resident artist at the University of Hertfordshire.  Murton will  present her first major solo exhibition and symposium, Between Materials and Mechanisms, at UH Galleries in Hatfield from 17 September. Over a twelve-­‐month period, Murton is engaging in dialogue with specialists and participants, exploring cross-­‐ disciplinary ideas, … More New Artist in Residence, Elizabeth Murton